Radiation from Domestic Appliances

Mains-electric-powered appliances produce an electromagnetic field (EMF) known as Extremely Low-Frequency radiation (ELF).

Those are the only two abbreviations you need to know for this whole article!

Why is it called ELF? Because the frequency of the mains electric power (50 or 60 cycles per second)  is extremely low compared with radio waves, light waves, or x-rays whose frequencies are in the millions, billions or trillions of cycles per second.

Just by itself, ELF is harmful to your health. This is not a fairy tale.

But many kinds of home appliances also create another type of EMF known as radio-frequency EMF. For example

  • cordless phones
  • wireless baby monitors
  • wireless doorbells
  • wireless intercom systems
  • wireless routers
  • wireless modems
  • computers (if operated in wireless mode)
  • wireless networking equipment
  • wireless gaming equipment.

New types of wireless appliances come onto the market every year, and quickly find their way into our homes.

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